Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lunch in Korea Town

Yesterday, we got a chance to get out of the office and shop for accessories in the fashion district. It was just what I needed yesterday... a change in scenery to get inspired. When we got off the train, Jay pointed out that we were near Korea Town so we decided to have lunch there after we were done shopping. This was our experience...
Jay recommended this place
Craig and I had no idea what to order... 
Jay had ALL the answers tho lol

This is the side dish/ appetizer spread...... that kimchi was BOMB lol
This was my meal... Chicken Teriyaki in a sizzling stone bowl.. yummm
This is Craig's lunchbox with that tasty beef lol
Spicy squid and rice
Jay.... you look so cool lol
My first time trying bubble tea... it was pretty good. I think the flavor was ube (that might be Tagalog.. but it's like this purple yam). We also had this stuff called pot bing su... which to me is Filipino halo halo -- the koreans are biters lol 

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My Modest Mouth Blog said...

Omg, that looks amazingly great!!!

Bubble tea rocks!!!

TashD said...

Tash i love me some Halo Halo!