Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making herbal tea with the girlies

On Saturday, Lamar, Ashley (my youngest sister), and Yanna (my neice aka my Mini-Me) came to spend the day in NYC with me. We ended up going to the Central Park Zoo and Boathouse later on in the day. We had a little bit of time to burn before we left so I decided to make some tea. The girls helped me. 
The ingredients were: licorice root, black cohosh, saw palmetto berries, chaste tree berries, spearmint, green tea leaves, and honey for taste.
 I'm glad they were into it because I like people to know that these herbs have a lot of potent nutrients that can help keep good health. I try to drink at least 4 cups of herbal tea per day.
 They wanted to taste every herb by itself lol. I think they were trying saw palmetto berries here. I refused to try it alone cuz the smell of them was like old cheese. Ashley jumped right in and tried it first; but she said it tastes how it smells.... grossss. I told you she was brave lol.
 I made sure I taught them some of the specifics about what some of the herbs do for your body. For example, the licorice root alone supports respiratory function, promotes energy & hormonal balance, soothes acid indigestion, maintains gastrointestinal health and much more. Ashley looked intrigued lol.
 We used my handy natural tea maker. I got it during my most recent trip to China. This is one of my most prized possessions lol. I use it just about every day.
Side note: Look at my mini me and her hair. Love it! lol
 Ashley pouring in the green tea leaves
Yanna pouring in the honey. When it was cool enough to drink they both said they liked the taste :) 

If anyone else is interested in ordering natural herbs online, I found this site, . They have a huge variety and they deliver pretty fast. Also, if you click on the names, they'll give you a list of the herbs they have available, along with the health benefits, and common uses. Enjoy!

P.S. The posts from the Central Park Zoo and Boathouse are coming soon

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Charisma said...

hope ya'll enjoyed yr tea!!! But my comment really is to just to say I love your HAIR!!!!! Yr sisters got great hair there hair growing ingredient in that tea somewhere....mmmmmmm maybe I shld hv some tea too..LOL

much love
Charisma Chedza in Botswana

Tash said...

aww thanks Charisma! :)

im not sure what Yanna uses but I used olive oil moisterizer in my hair. That might be whats helping it grow lol