Thursday, June 23, 2011

Central Park Zoo and Boathouse

The second part of our day.... first stop was the Central Park Zoo. Everything we did today was all Lamar's idea. I live in nyc, but had no idea that central park had a zoo... or a boathouse lol smh

 Sea otters... they look like they have so much fun. When we first got to the zoo, I was wondering how I was gonna feel about seeing these animals being held captive but the otters seemed to be happy so I just let the day rock after that lol. 
 Ashley led the pack with her map 

 It took a while to see the harbor seals... the only animal I see in there is a pigeon. I felt it was appropriate to snap a flick lol.
 The polar bear....
 ... was massive
 I liked this
 Throwback moment... I haven't drank out of a water fountain in years lol

 I felt like the crocodile hunter when I saw this bird. It was literally right in front of me. 
 Swans and turtles
 Father & daughter <3

 I thought this was a good pic
 Poisonous blue dart frog

 The rooster had iridescent feathers


 ------------------------- CENTRAL PARK BOATHOUSE -------------------------

Like I said before, I didn't even know this place existed so it was a great surprise for all of us. I'd love to go back here. Its only $12 to row for an hour and you can have up to 4 ppl per boat.

 We call her the "Turtle Lady". Look closely
This guy was chillin in the CUT reading a book. I wanna do this one day. 
Thanks Lamar, for treating us this day. It was a lot of fun *hug* lol

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