Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SWRV: M$. Lookbook

Check it out! Lafayette sent me SWRV's new lookbook. They're based out of Philly for those of you near the area!

SWRV is an emerging team of collectors and artists from various corners of the U.S. that come together to breathe fresh new life into classic material.  In our newest style file, we've re-imagined the touch and feel of what it truly means to be a M$. Strength, style, and substance take the lead for this collection of photos that openly explores sharp new ways for women to play with their femininity by using depth, texture, and layers in their day to day styles.

The first time Lafayette showed me the website I immediately fell in love with some of the peices. I love vintage items and the unique styles you can build off of them. Its art :)

P.S. Make sure you follow Lafayette on twitter: @LafayetteKanard
I love his creativity and chill vibe.

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