Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blackberry pics 7/13

 Mmmmm! Jamila's tiramisu. She surprised us with a couple slices at work. I was so happy.
 Quasim came to the office to check some swatches, but didn't leave without making his mark. 
 Studio with Dean & Ravo... they just recored with DMC from Run DMC earlier that day. Keep it up fellas.
 A day in bk.... chillin with Popula
 I found this quarter...
 "Kids love redos"
 This flavor is BOMB
 My mom braiding Gavi's hair. Who says asians can't cornrow? lol
 The talented, Ibrahim Yaqut
 Jay brought me some OFFICIAL green tea from China
 The book I'm reading right now. Interesting so far.
 Jay's sketches.. I thought they were cool.
 Quasim getting a haircut in the Paper Brown Bag office
Brainstorming on a new collaborative piece + intellectual talk. My favorite kind of conversation. I'll post a pic of the new piece when we"re finished with it.

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