Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Artwork Collab: TashLeake X Jarid Andrew

Yayyyy so this is the start of something spectacular lol. Jarid and I did our first collaborative piece. It was very spur of the moment and we've been talking a lot recently about collaborating on a photography/fine arts piece. I had some art supplies in my room, so we just put our heads together and came up with this :) . Check the progression... LOVE IT! This might have to stay in my room lol

We started out with a blank canvas (18x24, I believe) and 4 pieces of foam.. 2 were taped together the long way.

Then we began to cut. I should have taken a pic of the make-shift exacto knife we made. It DEF did its job... even tho I got cut lol. This was fun because we pretty much free styled the whole thing. 

The next step was the paint job. The colors were carefully chosen because you have to have the right balance of emotion when choosing them. I started from one corner and Jarid started from the other... and we met in the middle. You can see how our two styles collided. 

After the paint dried, we assembled our foam pieces on top to create a bold contrast with the color. I think it came out so DOPE. Both of our foam cut outs were a result of creative expression and there's some meaning behind some of the shapes. There's even a couple subliminal formations there that may have to be pointed out if you don't catch them right away. We did this pretty quickly... I don't think I've ever done this before haha... I LOVE IT :) Can't wait to do some more!

For those of you who don't know Jarid Andrew, he's a VERY TALENTED photographer.. and just an all-around great person with crazy positive energy. Follow him: @JaridAndrew ... His portfolio site is launching soon, so look out for it.

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thebrain said...

awesome.. keep on digging deeper and you guys will find a mind.

thebrain said...

awesome.. In everyones mind is a gold mine.. you just have to be willing to dig deep enough to reach it. keep it up guys awesome.

Sean H said...

This is COOL! Its crazy what you will come with when working with another creative person. Im interested in seeing a series of these type of collab efforts

Intity said...

Very Creative!! Love it!!