Friday, June 3, 2011

Abstract by TashLeake

 I finally finished this painting for my brother. It was actually spur-of-the-moment, how I started painting this. I was looking in a some magazines to put more pics up on my vision board and saw some rocks that inspired me to paint (so random I know)... but for the most part I was just doodling with the paint. This seems to be my favorite way to paint because I don't have to concentrate on anything. I just let my mind go as I fill the canvas.

Lamar, as promised, this canvas is much bigger (35in x 35in). I hope you like it and I hope it brings some good energy into your room.

I've already started another painting. I'm not gonna show where I'm at with it yet, but I'm calling it "Tree of Thought" :)

you already... lol

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