Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: I made a bow tie :)

This is my second real crack at trying to sew. I didn't freestyle this time, like I did with the wallet. I was at work doing trend research earlier in the day and came across these cool bow ties called Jupe by Jackie. I like the shaped and the style of them. I worked with some available fabrics that I had. One side is a black waxed canvas and the other is a printed linen.

ANNNND... its reversible! 

I have to make the neck strap for the bow tie next. I'm very excited to finish it and see someone actually wear it :)

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Mike Damazo said...

Tash, first off hi hope all is well. did u ever end up finishing the bowtie?

Mike Damazo said...

not sure if my first comment went thru. hope all is awesome and good with you. did you ever finish the bowtie?