Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Random Useful Knowledge] Health benefits of chrysanthemum tea

I've been watching a lot of documentaries on Netflix about food and its got be looking at things a little differently. I've been wanting to take things to a more organic level because a lot of the "food" we're consuming these days is slowly killing us. I have a lot of herbs in my kitchen because I'm very interested in making beneficial teas that can cure me if I eve have an ailment. Last Thursday, Jess was over and we came up with a tea for general well being. We blended just the right amount and sweetened it with honey.... it was bangin. I made it again the next night. Anyway, up until that evening, I thought a particular herb that I had was chamomile, when it was really chrysanthemum. I got it in China, so the translation must have been off.

Today I was curious about the health benefits of chrysanthemum so that I can incorporate it into my future blends. I was amazed at what I found. Chrysanthemum is not among the popular herbs because not very many people know about it.  The flower is caffeine free so its free from side effects like anxiety, tension, irritation, nervousness, and confusion.

Here are the health benefits. I found about 23 so far:
  • detoxifies the blood
  • helps with sinus congestion
  • regulates high blood pressure
  • helps calm the nerves
  • restrains the growth of bacteria in the body
  • relief from influenza
  • treats heart stroke, due to its cooling effect
  • facilitates digestion when drunk with meals
  • strengthens lungs
  • relieves head congestion
  • improves vision
  • improves hearing
  • cools your body temperature
  • anti-viral 
  • helps treat pimples and acne
  • can treat discomfort of high temperature like headache, slight toothache, and throbbing nerves and gums 
  • detoxes the liver
  • lowers cholesterol
  • helps treatment of coronary artery disease, blocked arteries, and even varicose veins
  • helps alert the senses and rejuvenates the brain
  • calms the nerves; helps ease giddiness
  • sore throat relief
  • relief from eye redness, itchiness, dryness, and dark spots
Here's my chrysanthemum stash lol --

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