Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year! A new chapter, a new journey...

2013 has been a GREAT year for me. So many changes... I feel like I've opened a new chapter in my life. Not only was I engaged and married, but I also moved out of NYC, into northwestern PA (Erie to be exact)... and now we're expecting :))) . I feel like a real grown up now lol.

I spend a lot of time at home (freelancing) and I kind of need to connect back with my old lifestyle a bit so that I don't go crazy lol. I always have so many thoughts in my mind and now that another new year has crept up on us, I want to share the journey that I've been going through.  Hopefully, I don't bore anyone lol. I'll try to be creative :)

I'll be documenting my first year of marriage as well as my pregnancy journey. So far, I'm 18 and a half weeks along and I'm loving every bit of it. We get to find out the gender of our little one in 3 weeks so you know that Jarid and I are at the edge of our seats! Stay tuned...

Here are some highlights from this year...

 I think the first significant thing that happened was Jarid landing a job with the Erie Times News. We were all so proud of him, but it was bittersweet because it also meant that he had to move 7 hours away to Erie, PA.
Erie is located right on the edge of the US, on the infamous Lake Erie (one of the Great Lakes). It was great to see someone performing their true passion and getting paid for it. We were devising a plan for me to also get a job out in Erie so that we didn't have to be so far apart. I thought living 2 hours away was far enough. 
 Meanwhile.... back in NYC, I was staying busy. One weekend I got to watch these two little munchkins (my niece, Gavi, and her BFF, Kamiil)
 Of course, I had them participating in a few arts & crafts in my room lol
And baby Kingston was growing so fast. Such a cutie pie. 
 That same month, (April) our good friends, Shina and Tyce tied the knot! We were soooo excited for them.
Dhamir, me, and Jarid goofing around during the wedding reception lol
At the beginning of May, Jarid and I signed a lease to our new apt.
 ...And then I was off to China for my last business trip. I had a lot to think about because I already knew that it was time to quit my job and start a new chapter in my life. Let's just say I prayed a whole lot for guidance the next couple of months.

 Awww Kingston and Nicole during Father's day weekend. We had a cookout at Jarid's parents house.
 At the end of the weekend I cut my hair! lol
 At this point, it seemed like the fast forward button was hit in my life because Gavi had a major milestone by graduating preschool...
And then Jarid and I got engaged!!! (June 29) This was a crazy day for the both of us. 
Can't forget that Zee turned 30 this year! lol (July 4)
 I had to post this pic to reference how thick I want my eyebrows again. Don't mind it lol. By this point, I had already decided that I was leaving my job and was just waiting for my two weeks to run out. I was feeling great vibes and preparing for the next chapter.
 Hanging out in NYC with some old friends from high school. This was literally a few days before ....
 We decided to get married!! (July 18)
 Although it was a small ceremony, we think it was perfect. My brother, sister, niece and friends (Tyce and Shina) were also there. 
The next day was literally the last day of my "two weeks" and Jarid and I took the Amtrak HOME to Erie, PA. This ride took the entire day but we were happy to finally be married. It was still surreal at this point. Everything worked out perfectly.
 The married life and summers in Erie are so much fun!
 We were actually surprised at how much there was to do in this little city... And most of it was for free!
This was during our 2 day kayaking trip along the Allegheny River. We had the greatest time.
 I was so happy when my mother in law came out to visit us in August. We definitely took advantage of all of the Erie summer fun, including the plethora of yard sales in the area. (She's a yard sale guru lol)
I also helped her make drapes for our windows! :) She's SOOOO talented on the sewing machine
Kingston turned 1 in September!
... And Gavi started Kindergarten!! She lost a few teeth too lol
Jadie and Ludys got engaged this month too! Look at that rock!!! lol
 A funny thing happened at the end of September.... lol
 Here is my favorite reaction of all! Nicole :)
Since our wedding ceremony was so small, we wanted to have a party so that our friends and family could celebrate with us. This party was a gift from my mother and father in law and we're sooo grateful that they did this for us.

The party was a blast!
Great food...
Great people...
What more can you ask for? :)
One of my favorite pics from that night :)
And then it was back to Erie. I couldn't believe how early it snows out here. I believe Erie is #1 for the most snowfall this winter, so far. We have Alaska beat.. They're #3
Look at our little Christmas tree :) This was our first Christmas together as a married couple and I felt like a kid again, opening gifts that morning!
 We even had a few visitors this month (December). Jarid's parents
... and Justin, Nicole, and Kingston :)
Kingston is walking now, by the way :)
All in all, this was a wonderful year. Lots of laughs and love. I wouldn't have it any other way lol

That pretty much summarizes everything. I hope I wasn't too lengthy with all of the pics. Until next time ...   :)

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I'm sooo glad you are blogging again!!!

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Comedy! Jarid's a nut.

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Caveion Mitchell said...

This is beautiful. Keep up the good work

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I love this... So happy for you... Your 2013 was pretty great it's only going to get better love u do glad I was able to share n some great memories