Sunday, April 17, 2011

First day in Panamá

So here's some pics from my first day in Panamá. This actually counts as my first real vacation. yayy :) ! We're staying in this bomb a** house that's actually located in one of the most natural areas in Panamá. (Quarry Heights/ Panamá Centro) 

I'm finally getting a chance to relax as well as brush up on my spanish. I've always known and understood some spanish but been a little afraid to speak because I was embarassed of how I would sound....... (silly I know) but all that is out the window now. I have no choice but to try to speak as much as I can before I mess around and get robbed out here. We can't really look like Americans much OR ELSE... Good thing for me, there's a whole mix of different looking people that are Panamanian. At the grocery store today, we def saw a bunch of Chinese Panamanians speaking spanish. Pretty cool. 

Anyway, its been a day and I know more spanish than I thought. I'm definitely inspired to go to the Philippines next (my homeland lol) and brush up on my Tagalog. That's gonna be my next trip, inshAllah. I can't wait! Check out the pics...
 The backyard
 In front of the house
 Our pool for the week
 The little pavilions in the backyard. We plan on grilling later on this week :)
 A beautiful tropical flower I found while I was doing some exploring
 Jess and Zoila are so stupid lol.... Sychronized swimming haha

 Silly lol smh
 A tropical bird
This is what it looks like driving towards the city... I heard Panama is on the come-up

 Cool shaped building-- Zoila told me it was the Hilton

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Bien hecho - well done!