Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Un dia en La Chorrera

DAY 2: Today we made plans to visit Jess, April, and Zoila's aunt in La Chorrera. This was cool because I got to really see what the natives do with their time lol. We went into town to have lunch and check out a few of the markets. Overall, it was a relaxing day... we noticed the temperature was wayyyy hotter in La Chorrera than it was in Quarry Heights so there wasn't much movement from us lol.

 The streets, leaving Quarry Heights
 Yes... LOOK at the gas prices. Its not just America
 This just looked like a classic photo... If this car wasn't there, I would turn it into a black and white
 I love the colors they use on their buildings
Their Tia Sessi's house. I LOVED it. I would def live here. The house had so many rooms and living rooms lol.. and she grew so many different tropical vegetables and fruits in the backyard.
 This was the sugar cane plant
Can you believe this entire meal was tres dolares?
 April and their cousin, Darryl. Can you tell how hot it was outside? We all def fell asleep after we came back from lunch.
 This was my bed for the afternoon :)

Stay tuned for the next post because I have a couple videos on Darryl showing us how they roast cashews and cut up the sugar cane.

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