Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visita a Colón y el Canal de Panamá

Ok so I'm having some trouble uploading my videos so I'm just not gonna take video anymore lol. Im gonna keep trying with the cashews and sugar cane videos tho. Yesterday, we spent the day checking out the markets in Colón. Then we hit up the Panama Canal. Check it out...
 The natural landscape on the way to Colón
 I like the houses in this neighborhood
I had to take a pic of this little trophy that we saw in the house. I was crackin up lol.

 The streets were poppin
 The bird lady
 Wow, people live here
 One of the Kuna indians. Her sandals were dope... I was tryin to find them in the store 
We had to stop and get some visitor's passes before we were allowed to shop in the free zone. This guy was tryin to holla at Jess and April hard lol
 Marcos, our tour guide, while we were shopping
First stop... the Panamanian jewelry store. We spent like an hour in here
 April and the coconut water man. This guy made my day! You already know how I feel about coconut water lol. I got 2 cups and I ended up finishing Zoila's too

 Mmmm.. yummm
 I don't know if you can really see this but this guy got hemmed up by the cops outside. It was kinda rude how they did it but you know I had to take the flick

 This place was huge... soooo much history.

 There's 2 passageways and they're planning on building another one by 2014

We're going to la playa today... im suped! 

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Anonymous said...

The pics are great so jealous! Enjoy every moment as life is so different there then here. Can't wait to see more. Your envious admirer vl...

Anonymous said...

very nice pics