Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blackberry pics 5/4

These are pictures from my random excursions and photos from friends...
 This is what's hot in the streets... Craig and I found this downtown, nyc .. smh
 My friend, Jamal lives in El Paso, Texas and this is what it looks like out there lol. He lives on the other side of the mountain and to the right of the pic is Mexico. Kinda cool :)
 Found this on Dame's bbm profile. He said he was having lunch with a friend when he found this haha.. hilarious
J chillin where all the "cool kids" be at lol.... Spinningfields, UK
 Michelle sent me this over the weekend. This is how our customer wears the Pastry Krump Its.. they look good! :)
 My first time having fried ice cream.... BANGIN
 Columbus Circle... going home from work
 Some rocks at the Museum of Natural History
Juno Jang
 This is my favorite colorway for Pastry Spring 2011 collection
 The book I'm reading right now... Recommended by Bilal. I'll write my review when I'm finished with it 
 How RANDOM is it for Solomon to have on a Peddie hat? lol This is a boarding school in South Jers that Blogzworth went to.  
Saw this at Target the other day.... I almost bought it lol. Blogzworth has this as a bookmark. I want it!
My niece, Gavi, in the dress I brought back from Panama...  My sister said she chose that pose lol.

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