Monday, June 6, 2011

Crabbing in VA

Memorial Day weekend, I got a chance to hang out with some of my family in VA. I was suped when my brother told me we could go crabbing. I can't even remember the last time we went. I had so much fun. 
 Ashley and Lamar
 2 up, 2 down
 my mom... she wasn't trying to be in any pics
 Lamar took us to the pier on the Naval base

 I couldn't stop looking at the naval ships... they were humungous
 EVERY SINGLE CRAB WAS PREGNANT... you know how grossed out I was? 

 Gavi helping Uncle Lamar
 Ashley (my youngest sis) is a brave soul. She stringed ALL my bait and got EVERY crab I caught and brought them back to the bucket. I just couldn't handle the pregnancy. I swear, I thought I was stronger than that lol
 We caught maaaaaddd crabs yo
Terran, my other younger sister

Funny story... idk if you can see the dude sitting on the chair (blue shirt). He and the dude behind my brother (you can only see his head) ended up getting into a little argument. The dude in the blue shirt ended up SNUFFIN him and had his whole mouth leakin. It was craaaaaazzy haha. I don't know if ya'll ever seen Jamie Foxx's stand up, "I might need security".... but dude got hit wit a b*tchelism. It happened so fast and then the dude in the blue shirt just went home lol.

Even though we got rained on twice, it was def a fun-filled day. 

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