Saturday, April 23, 2011

Chillin en la casa

We spent the whole week driving all over Panama so we decided to take this day to just chill in the house.  It was a nice, quiet and fun day :)

My first reaction, after breakfast, was to grab a book and the hammock and read outside. 
My quick appreciation for nature lol

I'm gonna miss this weather. 
Zoila was spying on me from the living room. She calls it "Cocoon" , but I call it "Paparazzi"
This was Jess's cocoon
Scared 'er lol
The most relaxing day I've had in a while :)
THEN, we decided to BBQ! - We prepared burgers, hot dogs, chicken, corn, and beans
Here goes the beans
The craziest thing happened to this hot dog lol
We put it on the grill, closed the hood and it exploded after a few minutes.. smh
Look at it.. its hollow
I decided to cut mine up so it wouldn't have the same fate, but the hot dog had this edible clear wrapping around it that was really ruining our plans. I even tried to spruce it up with some BBQ sauce but the thin wrapping made it so chewy

The lizard looks a little camouflage  but these little things were showing up everywhere throughout our trip. They're no harm tho.. they just show up on the walls and eat the bugs
Meanwhile... back in the house...
Zoila and April came back with a few of their primos, Roberto, Tito, and Troy.

I thought this was amusing the first day we were here but kept forgetting to get a picture of it. Zucaritas is the spanish Frosted Flakes. Look at how much stronger Tony the Tiger looks on their box lol 

OOOHHH look what I saw outside!
It was like some kind of monster guinea pig.
And with all the heat, I still managed to enjoy a nice cup of tea :) lol

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