Thursday, April 21, 2011

A la playa!

We decided to go to the beach to chill and get some more color. It took us extra long to get there because we just couldn't seem to find the right entrance to the beach but it was well worth the wait when we got there. The beach was gorgeous! 
 The ride was over an hour but it didn't seem like it because the scenery was so nice
This is what we saw when we pulled up.... I was sooo happy :)
 Jess and Zoila

 Idk why I didn't get a pic of the bottle but April had this cinnamon and olive oil mixture that helped us tan evenly. I don't think I'll ever lay out in the sun without it anymore. The cinnamon granules mixed with the olive oil made my skin feel so soft and smooth. Ya'll should try it.
 Old school Pepsi....  la vida
 Little chill spots on la playa, in case you want to get some shade. There was also a little restaurant back there.
Afternoon snack :) ... Mango and a Crush orange soda
This guy, named Apu, was going around selling hand-made bracelets, necklaces, and anklets. He has a cool story.... He's a Mexican guy, making a living selling this hand-made jewelry and has no idea how long he's been in Panama.... but he'll be making his way over to Argentina soon when he's able to. That's gotta be the life. He just lives :)

This dog seemed to be a wanderer too.. walkin around like he owned the place, getting too close sometimes. He was cute tho lol
 "The edge", by Zoila Brown lol
Jess and her Panamanian earrings lol

This was nasty too... we saw a dead blowfish under a tree 
 I had to get a pic of this store because we've been seeing "mini supers" everywhere. Isn't that an oxymoron?? ....... Mini super antonio.... Mini super fernando..... they got one for everybody lol


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Anonymous said...

Looks like you had the beach to yourselves, must have been very peaceful...You really need to print and frame that last pic of (tash.) in the sand...vl