Monday, April 25, 2011

El último día de nuestro viaje

The last day of our trip, we decided to take the day to shop for souvenirs.  It was Good Friday, so most of the stores were closed. Before we left the house, we decided to have a mini photoshoot while we waited for Jess. These were the best shots lol

The skyline on the way to The Causeway
Feel free to use these as your desktop backgrounds lol

After we found the souvenir shops, we were on our way back home and saw a Kuna Indian selling beaded jewelry
While she was tying on my anklet, her cell phone rang. We were all shocked, because we thought they were the indigenous people of the land that only lived naturally. 
I got a pic of her on a call too lol
Hard at work
Two more of her girls rolled up in a cab lol. They came to sell the same kind of jewelry
So nice for this to be your office everyday
They sold handcrafted earrings too
y molas

After shopping, we took a trip over to Jess, April, and Zoila's Tio Ornano's house... On the way there, we saw this construction. They're building a museum.. the roof looks cool already.
Tio Ornano telling a story
 This drink was bangin... I think it was maracuya
 Found another mini super lol
Mini Super Leslie too

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Anonymous said...

Muy nice! Wish I could've tagged along and seen y'all in action; I haven't been back to Panamá since...Navidad 1993/Año Nuevo 1994. Las fotos son buenísimas y el comentario entretenido. Bien hecho!